About Us

  • B.K. Casting is one of the leading manufacturers of Graded Industrial Castings which was established in 1973. We are the specialists and market leaders of Kacchi Ghani Kolhu Machines used for extraction of Agmark quality Kacchi Ghani Mustard Oil. We are equipped with state-of-the art foundry facilities and machines. We produce B.K. Ghani Kolhu mustard oil which is the most respected brand in Mustard Oil Mill Industry as of today due to its quality.
    B.K. Casting has 40 years of sound technical experience in the manufacture of Kacchi Ghani Kolhu machine where in we supply high quality, easy to service equipment which are durable and which provide reliable service to the customers.
    The reasons for our machines to provide high performance are:
    • Reliability
    • User-friendliness
    • Use of high quality components

    All these factors combine to provide our machines with excellent performance to price ratio. In other words, our machines are long lasting and the price invested on them turns out to be economical in the long run. Apart from the Kacchi Ghani Kolhu machine, we also manufacture other graded industrial castings of Diesel Engine Parts, Agricultural Implements and manhole covers as per the specifications.

    B.K. Casting has committed, trained and motivated technical field staff along with infrastructure to promote efficient and prompt services to our customers. We have had a large and satisfied clientele through our quality products and services. B.K. Casting hopes to retain that reputation and look forward to our customers coming back to us in future too.
    At B.K. Casting manufacturing plant we have foundry facilities and machines installed. The foundry facilities include:
    • Cupola Furnace: 36′ Dia having melting capacity of 3.5 to 4.5 MT/Hr
    • Moulding Sand Mixer and Core Sand Millar – 2 Nos.
    • Casting loading Air Hoist of 1.5 MT Capacity – 1.nos.
    • Hand molding Boxes: (300 mm x 300 mm) to (1000 mm X 1000 mm) of any other Hand molding & Pin – Lift molding machines
    • Aluminum Patterns
    • Core Boxes
    • Molding Boxes
    • Shot-Blast Machine – 48” Double Door
    • Emergency Generating Set of 63 KVA
    • Patterns shop facility for making wooden and metal patterns.
    • Molding machine
    • Sand grinding machine
    • Core Shop

    Machineries installed are:

    1. Drummond Maxicut 2A Gear Shaper 2 Nos
    2. Lorenz High Speed Gear Shaper 1 Nos
    3. Premac Slotting Machine 1 Nos
    4. Horizontal Milling Machine 1 Nos
    5. Lathe Machines 8 ft 2 Nos
    6. Lathe Machines 6 ft 3 Nos
    7. Lathe Machines 4 ft 3 Nos
    8. Drill Machines 6Nos
    9. Tapping Machine 1 Nos
    10. Magnetic Surface grinder 1 Nos
    11. Tool Cutter Machine 1Nos

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